Friday, May 15, 2015

Mimosa Bar, DIY

Mimosa Bar at Tre Piani. Juices are made at the restaurant's Farm to Bar kitchen

Cool, carbonated drinks by the grill say “summer.” In the trendy spirit of DIY, consider setting up a mimosa bar on your Memorial Day gathering. It’s super easy—all you need is a few different fruit juices, a couple bottles of champagne or prosecco, and some fresh fruit for garnishing.

Here's what you need to do (10 minutes, tops):

Pour juices into clear bottles. Since we're talking champagne, I'd get some high-quality juices or, better yet, make my own with a juicer. Make labels for each kind (a good way to keep the kids busy!).

Open up a couple of chilled bottles of champagne and prosecco and set them next to the fruit juices on ice. Assign someone to keep an eye on the bottles and open a couple of the time.

Invite your guests to pour themselves equal parts champagne and fruit juice. Offer fruit slices for garnishes. That’s it!


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