Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jim Weaver Named One of the Country’s Top Culinary Talents in Best Chefs America

An update: Jim got this letter from the editors of Best Chefs America describing the elaborate nomination and selection process of the best chefs in America:

The Best Chefs America team has received many email and phone inquiries from chefs over the last two months. In responding to these inquiries, we have noticed the powerful fact that even the most skeptical of chefs become enthusiastic supporters of the Best Chefs America project once they truly understand the integrity and objectivity that characterize our process. We would like to emphasize a few key points that speak to the massive, year-long effort that went into creating our groundbreaking peer-review of chefs.

1. Our staff of 15 full-time analysts conducted one-on-one phone interviews with over 5000 chefs from all over the country to determine who they consider the most talented, exciting chefs in their respective areas. Each interview lasted about 20 minutes and was recorded for accuracy. Our software sorted this information and revealed the names of those chefs mentioned most often in the course of the interviews. These chefs appear in Best Chefs America.

2. The one and only way to appear in Best Chefs America is to receive the requisite number of mentions from chefs interviewed in your area. Chefs cannot buy their way into the book.

3. Of the more than 5000 chefs we interviewed, less than half appear in Best Chefs America 2013. More than half of the chefs who do appear in the book were not interviewed—though we attempted to reach each chef as soon as he or she was first mentioned by a peer.

We encourage you to embrace what you have accomplished. According to other chefs, you are one of the very best.

The Editors at Best Chefs America
218 King Street, Suite 200
Charleston, SC 29401

So proud! Jim Weaver has been honored as one of the country’s top culinary talents in the inaugural edition of Best Chefs America. This is the first-ever peer review guide of U.S. chefs, who were chosen after extensive interviews between their fellow chefs and Best Chefs America analysts. Chef Weaver has been showcased in the informative and exquisitely produced 386-page coffee table book that was released on March 1, 2013.

“I am thrilled to be nominated by my peers and included in Best Chefs America,” says Jim, “This recognition is truly an honor and gives me yet another reason to be appreciative of my fellow professionals and chosen profession.”

Best Chefs America is the ultimate chef’s guide to chefs. Analysts conducted more than 5,000 confidential telephone interviews with chefs who were nominated by other chefs, culinary professionals and food enthusiasts across the country. The interviews consisted of a series of proprietary questions, and software was used to aggregate the data.  Chefs earning the highest scores among their peers in their region were included in the guide.

The results were compiled into a 386-page coffee table book, complete with chef listings broken down both geographically and alphabetically. Best Chefs America also features stunning photography and highlights emerging culinary trends and ingredients uncovered during the interviews.  

Best Chefs America costs $75.00 and can be purchased online at

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